Dams & Barrages


Pakistan is the land of mighty rivers. A number of ambitious projects to tame the bounties of these rivers have been undertaken by the Government both for irrigation purposes as well as for power generation.
SKB is proud to be the main contractor on the Hub Dam Project Constructed in the 1970’s for water supply to the cosmopolitan city of Karachi and to irrigate the flat area of Baluchistan. In 1990’s, the company remained involved in the construction of Barrage of the Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project in joint venture with Impregilo of Italy and Zublin of Germany. This US$ 200 Million project is the largest barrage complex ever constructed in Pakistan.
The most recent accomplishment of SKB is the construction of Sabakzai Dam and its Irrigation System in the arid terrain of Baluchistan. The successful completion of this landmark project has augmented SKB’s stature in this promising sector.


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